Work in progress

Project: International Relocation Activities of Danish Firms: Analysing Determinants, Effects and Spatial Spillovers to the Local Economy with Timo Friedel Mitze

A Microlevel Wage Dataset for Eighteenth Century Denmarkwith Peter Sandholt Jensen, and Paul Richard Sharp

The introduction of serfdom and labor markets”, with Peter Sandholt Jensen, Paul Richard Sharp and Battista Severgnini  

“The impact of border changes and protectionism on real wages in Early Modern Scania”, with Kathryn Gary

“Looking for Malthusian Mechanisms in Denmark”, with Peter Sandholt Jensen and Paul Richard Sharp

“Days worked and seasonality patterns of work in Eighteenth Century Denmark” with Paul Richard Sharp and Peter Sandholt Jensen

“Women’s wages, and child labour in the Eighteenth Century Denmark”

“Evidence on annual vs casual wages in Denmark”

“The effect of maize on economic development. Evidence from Romania”


Book chapters

“The occupational structure of Denmark (1787-2010)” with Ingrid Henriksen, Peter Sandholt Jensen, and Paul Richard Sharp in: “Occupational structure, economic growth and industrialization in a comparative perspective”, Osamu Saito and Leigh Shaw-Taylor (editors)

Regional GDP in Denmark 1850-2010with Kari Anne Janisse, Peter Sandholt Jensen, and Paul Richard Sharp in „Europe’s regions, 1900-2010. A new quantitative history of the economic development of Europe“, Joan Ramon Roses and Nikolaus Wolf (editors)   data